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Seaview Motel

Experience Absolute Beach front accommodation, comfortable, private
and friendly.

Breathtaking sunrises from 4 of our units, open the curtains and
watch the sun caress the mountains and your motel unit as it bursts from the pacific ocean, or join other guests on the beach with your camera, a cloudy day gives the most spectacular light show.

We specialize in affordable accommodation for the entire family,
easy access , free and secure off street parking for cars, boats
and trailers.We are only 2 minutes walk from cafes and
restaurants and gift shops. Located on the Esplanade a 10 min walk to
the main street of boutique gift shops and services


Nestled in a bay along the Kaikoura Headland where the mighty
Kaikoura Mountain Range reaches the Pacific Ocean the Kaikoura
Township and its unique ecosystem can be found.

Known for its bountiful sea life it boasts Majestic Whales, Dolphins and
Seals, as well as native birds like the Albatross .

Kaikoura is a Maori word that means "Meal of Crayfish" something all
who visit must experience. The region is steeped in historical value for
New Zealand and it is true that right under our motel even some maori artifacts are likely to to buried.

Kaikoura is one of the Apices of the Alpine Pacific Triangle , it joins with Hamner Springs and the Waipara Valley to complete one of the most beautiful and diverse tourist drives in New Zealand. From spectacular
sea life, to hot thermal springs and into rich wine producing land this is
an easy and scenic drive.

Prices are subject to seasonal variation

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